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        About Us

        About Us

        1、 Basic information of the company

        Hangzhou Tonglu Medical Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Tonglu Economic Development Zone, where Fuchun landscape is the best in the world. The company was founded in 1993 with a registered capital of 26.88 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a famous trademark enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a leading enterprise in the industry, and a compilation unit of national industry standards. It has passed en ISO-13485 quality management system certification, EU CE certification and US FDA certification. The technical level of the developed series of endoscopes is leading in China. The products have won the provincial and municipal science and technology achievement progress awards for many times. The company has one provincial research and development center each, and has undertaken the national ministerial, provincial, municipal and county-level scientific research projects, technological transformation projects and industrialization projects for many times. It has 46 utility model patents.

        Up to now, the company has developed and produced more than 1000 kinds of 41 series products (all of which have been registered and put into production), including 5 series of three kinds of products registered and produced by the State Food and drug administration, more than 200 kinds of products in total, 18 series of class II products registered by the provincial food and drug administration, 800 kinds of products, and 18 series of class I products registered by the Municipal Food and drug administration. The main products are series of endoscopes and supporting surgical instruments for the Department of facial features, general surgery, Urology, obstetrics and Gynecology, orthopedics, anorectal department, etc.

        The company's main products include: upper gastrointestinal electronic endoscope, lower gastrointestinal electronic endoscope, fiber laryngoscope, fiber gastroscope, disposable abdominal puncture device, disposable biopsy forceps, sinus endoscope, ear endoscope, laryngoscope, supporting laryngoscope, arthroscope, bronchoscope, esophagoscope, surgical suction cutter, laparoscope, abdominal surgical instruments, uterus Endoscope, electric hysterectomy, urethrocystoscope, prostate vaporization electric resection mirror, posterior intervertebral disc mirror, endoscope image display device, endoscope digital image processing system, rectoscope and other endoscope and surgical instruments as well as medical cold light source, medical titanium clip and other products.

        The company has long established close cooperation with Changchun University of science and technology, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Medical Device Research Institute, Japan Sumitomo company and Japan Panasonic company. Draw on their technical expertise and advanced management model, business model. Understand the advanced production equipment and testing equipment in foreign countries, and purchase the advanced equipment in foreign countries according to the needs of enterprises.

        The company has established a long-distance mechanism and governance structure to adapt to the development of modern market economy, with reasonable management levels and institutions and sound and perfect management system. Each department has clear responsibilities, clear responsibilities, rights and interests, complete economic assessment responsibility system and sound financial management system.

        2、 Production and operation of the company in recent years

        The company is a professional manufacturer of various series of endoscopes and supporting products. Its products enjoy a high popularity among domestic peers. The company now covers an area of 52 mu, with a factory building of over 10000 square meters, including 1286 square meters of 100000 level clean workshop. It has purchased the digital control precision lathe and testing equipment of the CNC machining center, which can fully meet the production and testing needs of various products. In addition, the company The company has trained a number of excellent middle and senior technical workers, so that the processing technology is more guaranteed.

        The company has a good marketing channel. In China, the company has set up an operating company in Hangzhou. In many provinces (cities) of the country, there are permanent sales representatives who are responsible for business negotiations and have established a good long-term cooperation relationship with many operating companies. In foreign countries, the company has good trade relations with more than 40 countries and regions, with agents in the European Union, the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, India, Turkey, Dubai and other regions, and registered trademarks in more than ten countries. In short, the company's "foo" endoscope products not only sell well in China, but also occupy a place in the international market. In recent years, the company has not only obtained high economic benefits, but also obtained a lot of social benefits.

        3、 International market development of the company:

        After China's accession to the WTO, our company is very concerned about how domestic products compete with foreign products and how to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. We improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise from the aspects of multi resource ability, mastering important technology and creating low cost. Continuously develop new products and services to meet the needs of customers.

        4、 Product technology innovation:

        The company has always attached great importance to the technical innovation of products, and takes 6% - 8% of the sales revenue of products as the cost of old product improvement and new product research and development every year. Through the continuous efforts of all employees of the company, the company has made gratifying achievements in product technology innovation. For example, the first domestic nasal endoscope product developed and produced in 1995 won the gold medal of Chinese Medical Association, the complete nasal equipment developed in 1998 won the second prize of provincial science and technology progress, and the complete laparoscopic equipment developed in 2000 won the second prize of provincial science and technology progress. The company has undertaken the national responsibility There are 5 level projects, 4 provincial level projects, 7 municipal level projects, and more than 10 county-level projects. The projects undertaken have won unanimous praise from departments at all levels. Especially in the innovation of endoscope products, we improve the design of optical system, further eliminate the aberrations, improve the imaging clarity and visual angle range; adopt new steering system to improve the luminous flux of endoscope, improve the image quality; adopt large numerical aperture light guide fiber wire, compression light cone technology and wide-angle lens to increase the field of view observation range; improve the formula and glue of transparent adhesive and sealant In addition, the sealing and gluing technology of hard sapphire glass is used to make the endoscope resistant to 134 ℃ high temperature and 0.23mpa high pressure disinfection, and improve the wear resistance, clarity and service life; the moisture removal technology and clean assembly technology are used to solve the problems of moisture and dust in the optical system and improve the imaging clarity; the structure design, precision processing technology and table are improved Surface treatment technology, improve the appearance quality of products. So at present, among the domestic peers, the company's "foo" brand endoscope products have been in the leading position, the product price is significantly higher than the peer products, but the sales volume is also higher than the peer products.




        Address: No. 2-18, Yangzhou Road, Tonglu  Economic Development Zone, Hangzhou,ZheJiang Province,China.)

        E-mail: info@yuhuamedical.com

        Whatsapp:+86  571 88211868  

        +86 135 8822 2523  

        Contact person:Liu Ling  

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